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  • Kopas driving instructor - 9 Ave SW Calgary
    Kopas driving instructor

    All our vehicles are equipped with dual control pedals and are fully insured and bonded. From beginn... Read more!

    30,00 €/Day
  • House for rent - Bulevar 2 Napoule
    House for rent

    House is a newly built in future-style. From the terrace one can enjoy the view on the modern buildi... Read more!

    99,00 €/Day
  • Karting with your friends - Hyde park (random) London
    Karting with your friends

    Drive karting and have fun with your friends. Read more!

    1,00 €/Minute
  • Rent a VW transporter T5 8+1 - Eigerweg Burgdorf
    Rent a VW transporter T5 8+1

    The volkswagen transporter t5 range is the fifth generation of volkswagen commercial vehicles (vwcv/... Read more!

    70,00 €/Day
  • Rent-a-Boat - Sea lane 7 Blue City

    We offer possibility of one-or-many day rental of our boat. B category boat driving licence is oblig... Read more!

    150,00 €/Day

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April 2019

Another House for rent                                                            
Rent a Hymer C 542 CL                                                            
Transporting and moving                                                            
House for rent                                                            
Rent a VW transporter T5 8+1                                                            
Apartment for summer vacation                                                            
Rent Suzuki gsxr 1000                                                            
martin mac 700 wash movinghead for rent                                                            
Room for Two                                                            
Kopas driving instructor                                                            
Football field rental                                                            
Karting with your friends                                                            
Catering service                                                            
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     - Catering - weekend
     - Weekends
     - Apartment out of season